Leigh Photographic


Q. Can I bring someone with me for moral support?

A. Of course - they can be with you for the entire shoot if you wish. Or they can relax in another area of the house.

Q. Can I bring some wine or similar - to help me relax?

A. Yes certainly!

Q. Can I do my own make up?

A. Yes you can, but bear in mind that photographic make up is very different to normal everyday make up.

Q. Do I get to keep ALL the photos? I don't have to just choose the ones I like while I am there at the studio?

A. Yes, ALL the pictures from the shoot are yours to keep.

Q. Do I have to come back to you when I want some of the pictures printed?

A. No, you can take the disc elsewhere to have any prints done, or you can come back to me and I will recommend some good guys to do prints and/or picture books for you.

Q. Will there be anyone else around while we are doing our shoot?

A. No...just you and I.

Q. Will my photos remain private?

A. Yes, once you have your disc and have checked that its all working on your PC at home, I will delete all the pictures from my PC, unless I have your permission to use one or two for promotional purposes.

Q. Could you arrange for another person to be involved in my shoot? ie a male or female model?

A. Yes I can arrange this. Obviously there would be an additional fee involved.


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